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We'd love to connect with you!

Hey Friend!

If you are reading this, that means you attended our Trunk or Treat event on October 22nd! We are so glad you could come join us for that event, and we hope you felt loved and welcomed.

If you are interested in connecting to our church, please take a look around our website for more info! We would love to have you join us in person for a Sunday service here soon! Our service starts at 10:30am and childcare is provided. Please watch the video below to hear more about our church from our pastor, Patrick Dagenhart!

If you are interested in learning about Christianity, there are resources linked below the video that can help you in your journey of faith. We understand that not everyone knows much about Jesus, and so we want to step alongside you and help you understand why we have so much hope!

Welcome to United!

Click this link to register for a FREE account to RightNow Media:

This is like a Netflix for Christian Bible studies and resources. There are studies for adults, teens, and kids - with topics that range from books of the Bible, marriage, finances and more! We recommend starting with the "Greater Than" series.

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